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Decagon Devices had conceived of a moisture sensing device that would dry and weigh several samples in an automated sequence. Devices such as these are used primarily in Soil Science and Food Science. They enlisted us at an early stage in the process when they had completed a working prototype. At this point, I sat down with them to observe the function of the device and began sketching possible aesthetic solutions, and asking those dumb questions, like  "why is this here?" and "can we move this?" and "what does this do?" They were very patient with me throughout this process.

Several rounds of sketches later, I created a small scale model in clay to help visualize a solution in 3 dimensions.  I then sat down with the engineer building the model in Solidworks to interpret the clay model as a skin that would cover the complex assembly inside.

It was a fun process with lots of give and take which resulted in a great-looking high-tech machine that has been a sales hit for Decagon.

clay model for devicce design
CAD for device inside assembly
Finished Decagon Device in the lab.
above: the clay model, left: the CAD for the inside assembly, below: the finished product in the lab.
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